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Drive visits to your auto dealership

Location marketing that drives engagement and generates loyalty

The average auto-shopper visits two dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. That means you need to make the most of each visit. Use location to entice auto-shoppers to visit your dealership and reach the right people when they're ready to make a purchase.

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Tactics to Drive Results for Auto

Top tips for running successful campaigns in Ads Manager.

Location Audience Targeting

Location Audience enables marketers to target auto shoppers based on past visitation behavior to specific business locations or points of interest.

Behavioral Audience Targeting

GroundTruth Behavioral Audience Targeting enables marketers to reach consumers based on demographic information and past visitation behavior to specific business locations or points of interest.

Weather Targeting

Powered by the largest network of weather sensors, weather triggering enables marketers to target against many weather conditions and quantifiable weather parameters including temperatures, wind, UV index and alerts.


Retarget a consumer who you know has previously been served an ad to reemphasize the message, build loyalty, and prompt consumers further down the sales funnel. 

Why Location and CTV Works for Auto

Location Manager 101

Why CTV?

TV Ads Built to Reach Cord-Cutters

Compared to traditional media, like broadcast or radio, CTV allows dealerships to target specific audience segments.   AND, with no ratings estimates and Posting.

Timely Connection

There was a 92% spike in the time spent streaming among American households from July 2019 to July 20201.

Visual Engagement

Placing video ads in an environment built for visual consumption and engagement increases its effectiveness.

Location Manager 101

What’s the Impact?

Reaching Auto Intenders - Reduce Ad Spend Waste

GroundTruth analysis of over 500 brands found out that adding OTT to your mobile marketing plan, improves reach by at least 10%.

Best Practice: CTV campaigns should run for at least 3 weeks.

Location Manager 101

Omnichannel Approach

Our Technology Ensure You Reach the Right Audience

Activating with GroundTruth’s CTV & OTT offering, brands and agencies can not only bundle their targeting efforts across devices (mobile, desktop, CTV) and media plans, but can also measure the impact of these ads on physical visits.

Measure dealership visits post ad exposure.

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What’s the Value of a Visit for Auto Dealers?

webinar recap

Driving Demand: The Future of Auto & CTV

Although car sales were down in 2020, there is optimism about a potential auto sales rebound in 2021. As car shoppers re-enter the market, expectations have changed.

Hosted by Dimitri Kotsis, Nick CybelaBen, Erik Carlson

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Let us show you what location can do

Auto Case Study

Case Study / Toyota

How GroundTruth helped Toyota steer high-intent customers to their dealerships

As Toyota’s first test using Cost Per Visit, the month-long campaign drove over 1,200 visits to specified dealerships in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The majority of customers was driven by Location-Based Audience targeting.

The campaign’s aim was to drive customers onto dealership lots, so our team optimized by targeting audiences more likely to visit Toyota. We saw success with targeting customers In-Market for Auto, Park Lovers, and Car Renters. This test was also successful in driving incremental visits to some of Toyota’s smaller dealerships (by wholesale).


Visits driven to specified dealerships


"Our campaign with GroundTruth allowed for us to have greater insight into how audiences in our market both consume and take physical action with our ads. Upon further review, the results showed interesting correlations between store performance and audience visitation—adding another sophisticated layer of intelligence for both the agency and our client. We feel that this effort helped to drive specific, targeted shoppers to our dealer locations.”

Ryan Richmond,
Sr. Media Planner, Saatchi & Saatchi

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