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Use Location to Boost Awareness & CPG Sales

Promote sales for your CPG brand by reaching the right people based on their real-world visitation patterns

Getting a customer through your doors is only half the battle. For CPG marketers, what happens next can be a mystery. Use location marketing to improve brand awareness and drive visitors into retail stores to increase CPG sales.

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Connect with Shoppers in the Right Moments

Tactics to Drive Results for CPG Brands - Powered by Strategy, Insights and Data.

You can run mobile, desktop, and CTV/OTT ads all in one platform.

List Building Moments

Neighborhoods Targeting identifies areas with high visitation affinity to specific locations. Targeting hyper-specific pockets eliminates wasted impressions and optimizes media reach as shoppers prep for the next store trip.

Routine Moments

Location-Based and Behavioral Audience Targeting can help CPG brands reach known shoppers of specified stores or likely shoppers based on their historical patterns. This is a simple way for brands to build awareness.

Listen to our expert explain how Audience Targeting works.

Purchase Moments

On-Premise Targeting can effectively reach shoppers when they are near or within a retailer that sells a brand’s products. A reminder about a product’s availability when a customer is already out and about can help drive a last-minute sale.

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Pick-Up Moments

Curbside Audiences have seen an uptick in volume in recent months. Understanding these audiences and personalizing messages ahead of their next pick-up trip can help increase cart size or inspire impulse buys that are just a drive away.

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Browsing Moments

Purchased-Based Audience Targeting or App-Based Audiences can drive more awareness of a brand’s offerings by getting their message in front of existing customers and enticing them to add to cart.

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Location Manager 101

2021 CPG Trends

Listen to our VP of Platform Sales Erik Carlson shared insights about the 2021 CPG Trends.

Recent CPG Case Study

See how location-based strategies can drive results.

Case Study / Pet Food Brand

How a pet-friendly brand unleashed sales at Walmart online properties when they teamed up with GroundTruth.

The brand optimized their media to reach key audiences and measure the impact to carted dollars with SmartCommerce's Click2Cart technology.

A blend of Location and Audience Targeting tactics drove $66K in Cart Transfers, with over $799K in Dollars Carted. Optimizations throughout the campaign led to an efficient Cost Per Visit of $0.43.


of the Visits Driven In-Store were by New Visitors Results



Shopper Marketing Trends: Key marketing strategies to influence shopper behavior

Hosted by Rachel Bennington, VP of CPG, GroundTruth

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