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Sports Marketing Platform

Engage with sports fans based on their real-world visitation all season long.

GroundTruth can help you identify audiences that frequent sports-focused locations, like sports bars, arenas, and wing restaurants on game nights based on past visitation habits. Complement your marketing efforts with location-based data to maximize your budget when reaching your desired audiences and score big with consumers.

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Why location is key for driving clients to your sporting events


Was the expected spend by consumers in big game-related categories in 2020 (food, beverages, party supplies).


Spend in advertising within sporting and athletic goods within the U.S. in 2020.

Tactics to drive results for your sporting events

Top tips for running successful campaigns in Ads Manager.

Behavioral Audiences

Reach audiences who frequently go to NBA Stadiums on game days to connect with basketball fiends who will surely miss.

Proximity Targeting

Target key areas of interest like stadiums or wing restaurants on game days to connect with the right audiences.

Custom Audiences

Want to reach audiences who like a particular sport? Create a custom audience of folks who attend live events like the Kentucky Derby or NCAA Tournaments and retarget them post-event.

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