Driving Demand: The Future of Auto & CTV

Hosted by Dimitri Kotsis, Nick CybelaBen, Erik Carlson

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April 22, 2021

Although car sales were down in 2020, there is optimism about a potential auto sales rebound in 2021. As car shoppers re-enter the market, expectations have changed.

The role of digital experiences leading up to that big-ticket purchase along with lifestyle changes has affected how consumers shop and the types of vehicles that they are in the market for.

At the same time, shifts in media consumption, increase in screen time, and the rise of Connected TV (CTV) will play a big role in how brands and agencies can get their message in front of the right audiences with new marketing strategies.

In this webinar, we tackled:

  • The effect of the pandemic on In-Market for Auto audiences’ shopping behaviors.
  • The importance of choosing the right medium to get in front of your consumers.
  • The opportunity that CTV presents in amplifying your messaging and GroundTruth’s solution to help you measure the direct impact on visits to physical dealerships.

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