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GroundTruth Ads Manager is an easy-to-use, self-serve mobile ad platform. We help you understand and reach your audiences to drive outcomes that matter: Boost brand awareness, drive online and in-store visits, and increase sales to your business. Plus, you can serve these ads on mobile, desktop, or connected TV.

  No IO contract required.
  No minimum spend.
  Real-time reporting on actual visits.

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Learn How GroundTruth Ads Manager Works

Learn How GroundTruth Ads Manager Works

Where people go is the truest indicator of a purchaser's intent. Think about it, the places you visit throughout the day say a lot more about your habits and who you are than, say, a Google search or a "like" on Facebook.

Extend your reach with Location-based Connected TV Ads.
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Location-Based Targeting Tactics that Drive Results for Your Clients

Powerful and unique audience segments and targeting options to run
performance-based campaigns in GroundTruth Ads Manager.

Accurate Targeting
  • Reach People Based on Where They Are
    • Connect with audiences within or nearby your brand’s locations, or based on a specified geographic area such as state, city, or zip. Learn about Location Marketing.
  • Reach People Based on Where They’ve Been
    • Target tailored audiences based on users who have visited a specific brand or category or based on real-world visitation patterns that indicate specific behavioral groups (e.g. sports enthusiasts, contractors, etc.). Learn about Audience Targeting.
Cross-Device Reach
  • Reach Users on Mobile, Desktop, or Connected TV
    • Amplify your message by targeting the same user across multiple devices, or pick and choose the mediums that are right for you.
  • Re-Target the Same Users on Other Devices
    • Retarget a consumer who you know has seen an ad impression within the same campaign flight or during later campaigns in order to build loyalty with consumers who have seen your ads. Watch Video to Learn More.
Industry-Specific Audiences
  • Curbside Pick-Up Audience (CPG/Retail)
    • Tailor your message to the curbside pick-up shopper and reach a new key audience. Learn how it works.
  • Real Estate - Open House 90-Day Targeting (Multiple Listing Service)
    • Reach audiences based on their historical behavior if they visited an open house in the last 90 days.
Unique Targeting Solutions
  • Neighborhood
    • Reach consumers in the areas that see higher visitation from a specific store or audience.
  • Weather Triggering
    • Tailor your ad creative based on current weather and the forecasted conditions.
  • Residential Targeting
    • Tap into your existing first-party address data, i.e. mailing list or CRM data, to build custom audiences which you then retarget digitally with GroundTruth’s solutions.
  • Shelter in Place Audience
    • Tailor your message and reach key audiences based on recent in-home/out of home movement patterns.

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What our clients say about us.

  • Before we partnered with GroundTruth, our clients were unable to track specific in-store visits from digital marketing or purposely target visitors to their competitor’s locations. Now, thanks to the power behind GroundTruth’s unique technology, our franchisee clients are benefiting from hyperlocal, mobile-first targeting. We’re able to provide clients with real insights proving that we can reach real people in real time at real places.

    Sheila LeppalaCo-Owner, PureDriven

  • Best platform we've used. Overall GroundTruth is the best self-serve platform I use. The customer service is great and always extremely helpful.

    Amin VoraDigital Operations Manager, Vici Media

  • Location is an important piece of our overall strategy to better understand existing customers, as well as drive new ones. Being able to buy through GroundTruth on a Cost Per Visit basis also eliminates a lot of the guesswork on our end. We’re able to build campaigns with full confidence that we’ll hit our visitation, or as past campaigns have proven, far exceed them.

    Carlos BecilChief Marketing Officer, Coach

  • Starting to work with more clients on targeted Advertising and geofencing. The platform is simple to use, guides you through the process and has excellent reporting features.

    Kevin BurkePres, Agile Internet Marketing

  • As a wholesale business, we needed a way to drive and track in-store visits from our digital marketing initiatives to better help our retail partners. Lacrosse is still very much a brick-and-mortar business model so we knew that there were a lot of opportunities for our dealers to take advantage of location-based digital marketing. Before GroundTruth, we had no way of targeting and tracking consumers with mobile-first marketing and our retailers are now able to see the benefit through in-store visits.

    Jared HagerMarketing Manager, Warrior Sports
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Information provided by direct observation as
opposed to information provided by inference.

The difference is in our data. GroundTruth is the first and only ad tech provider to receive MRC accreditation across place, location, and visitation data.