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With projected revenue in the Travel & Tourism market expected to reach almost $540M in 2021, the time to begin marketing is now.

After a year of cancelled plans and stay-at-home orders, travelers are looking to resume paused adventures. Safety concerns are still top of mind, however, so ensuring that marketing messages are clear and delivered to the right audiences is key.

Who to focus on

» Adventure Seekers: Leverage past behaviors to reach audiences with a higher affinity for travel, such as Leisure Travelers, Entertainment Enthusiasts, and Foodies.

» Drive & Fly Markets: Reach users in markets that have a high probability of coming to your destination with hyper-targeted precision.

» Most Likely to Travel: Tailor your message to audiences based on their recent physical behaviors.

How to reach them

Aside from changes in visitation patterns, 2020 had a major impact on media consumption. In 2020, consumers spent 2.8% more time across media YoY. Aside from the engaging message and efficient targeting, brands and marketers must also ensure effective reach with a cross-device approach from mobile to desktop to connected TV.

Now Boarding Key Audiences

Data-based solutions built to drive results.

Recommended GroundTruth Solutions


of those surveyed said that they want to travel but within driving distance of home.

Movement-Based Audiences: GroundTruth built custom audience segments based on current movement patterns compared to pre-shutdown visitation levels in response to rapid changes in behavior.

Location-Based Audiences: When trying to reach key Drive Market travelers, marketers should target audiences recently seen at relevant places like Car Rental locations to reach segments or local points of interest to connect with those likely to make a trip to the end destination.

Weather Triggering: Contextual and relevant marketing messaging based on current weather and forecasted conditions can personalize an ad. With GroundTruth’s Weather Triggering solution, media can turn on dynamically based on weather conditions in the target locations. This ensures that media only runs when the proper conditions are met.

Behavioral Audiences: GroundTruth utilizes the power of BlueprintsTM to create audiences based on real-world location indicators and demographic information derived from visitation patterns. This allows brands and marketers to optimize their campaigns by reaching select audiences based on key attributes and behaviors. Some example audience segments include Budget Hotel Visitors, Business Travelers, and Museum Lovers.


increase in foot traffic MoM January 2021 compared to December 2020, likely due to snowbirds heading to warmer locations for the winter months.

Loyalists: As frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards have gone unused, now can be a great time to reconnect with past visitors. GroundTruth’s data can help identify frequent visitors to power brand’s custom messaging and welcome them back.

Custom Audiences: Aside from GroundTruth’s off-theshelf audience solutions, marketers can also build segments specifics to their needs and specifications. First-party data can be combined with GroundTruth’s targeting solutions or additional demographic filters can be layered onto a given tactic.

Amplify your Message

Connect with consumers where they are.

The typical user journey is becoming increasingly fragmented across many different devices. From mobile to desktop to over-the-top (OTT) devices like Connected TVs (CTV), users consume content in many different ways. Now more than ever, an omnichannel advertising strategy is key to engaging consumers at the right time with relevant messaging.

Stay Up to Date: GroundTruth’s COVID-19 Foot Traffic Tracker

As travel continues to trend closer to pre-pandemic levels, leverage GroundTruth’s COVID-19 Foot Traffic Tracker to keep a pulse check on traveler behavior. With this tracker, brands and marketers can analyze foot traffic patterns to key travelrelated categories like Airports, Hotels, Parks and Beaches and more by state, zip code, and custom time frames.

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