Restaurant Industry

What's the value of a visit to your restaurant?

Entice hungry diners to your restaurant with location marketing.

A visit to a restaurant almost always means a sale. That's why driving people into your physical locations is the most valuable thing you can do for your business. Location marketing helps you reach the right people who are most likely to be influenced to dine with you.

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Why location is key for driving restaurant visitors

When someone is looking for a place to eat, they don't want to travel far to get there. That's why using consumer visitation behaviors and real-time location is the best way to let people know about your restaurant.


Of people dine out one a week or more


Of diners say the location or distance of a restaurant has an impact on their decision on which restaurant to choose

Tactics to drive results for your restaurant business

Top tips for running successful campaigns in GroundTruth Ads Manager.

Use proximity targeting to reach people within a 0.1-3 mile radius around your restaurant

Give nearby users directions to your restaurant to drive them inside.

Reach a customized list of competitors' locations

Target people who have visited competitors' restaurants to entice them to come to yours instead.

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation

For example, reach users bucketed as foodies, pizza lovers, QSR diners, etc.



What’s the Value of a Store Visit for Restaurants?

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Let us show you what location can do

Recent restaurant case study

Case Study / Ted's Montana Grill

How Ted's Montana Grill increase sales with location-based ads

After running location targeted ads in their largest market, Ted's Montana Grill increased city-wide sales by 0.45% compared to competitive segment, which saw a -0.1% decline in sales.


Return on ad spend over the course of one quarter

“GroundTruth's self-serve platform gives us the opportunity to tap into sophisticated location data and targeting on our own terms. Since joining Ads Manager, we've seen a 10x return on ad spend and can attribute mobile ads to actual restaurant visits, the 'holy grail' for any marketer."

Derek Walls,
PR and Marketing Manager, Ted's Montana Grill

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