Help clients increase sales by using offline behaviors to reach their customers

Real-time location-based marketing that drives meaningful business outcomes.

Your clients rely on you to deliver results that generate growth for their business. For many brands that starts with generating visits to their physical locations. GroundTruth's award winning location-based ad platform delivers a high return on ad spend by driving visits from your target audience segments.

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Why GroundTruth

Successful campaigns are all about knowing the who, where, and how.

Unlike our competitors who rely on what people do online to build their audiences, we rely on the power of location and people’s real world visitation behaviors in real-time. Through our patented blueprinting technology which maps the boundaries of stores and POIs, GroundTruth has unrivaled precision, accuracy, and scale in how it builds and targets audiences.

Audiences Built for Performance

We’ve built the industry’s most sophisticated audience profiles through our location technology. Reach likely consumers with precision and scale based on their past online and offline behaviors, interests, location, and demographic information.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Reach your audience in real-time in the moments that matter and when they are most likely to be impacted, such as near or within specific points of interest such as stores. Or target specific geographical areas such as states, DMAs, or zip codes.


Extend your reach and amplify your message across additional key media consumption moments. Activate your display and video campaigns seamlessly on the same platform across all device types, including mobile, tablets, desktop, and OTT/CTV.

Premium Brand Safe Inventory

Activate your media on premium brand safe inventory.


Precisely measure the impact of your advertising efforts on foot traffic and purchase lift. Better understand who they are and why they shop.

Key Competitive Differentiators

GroundTruth Other Geofencing Companies
Mapping technology Blueprints – The only mapping technology that accurately draws brands and POIs at 3 layers: In-store, on-lot, and retail area. We have 5 million Blueprints globally and see 30 billion visits annually. Use Radial targeting or automated polygons. No team of people approving and modifying POI maps, so accuracy suffers.
Verified Visit Accuracy
  • 96.2% accurate as verified by Numerator – We conduct an annual location accuracy audit of our foot traffic data and are the only location provider to be third- party validated for accuracy.
  • Pre-MRC accredited
Data Quality Robust, multi-step process to verify locations signals and visit data:

  • Patented Location Verification – filter inaccurate location signals
  • Place Verification – match location signals to places using Blueprints
  • Visit Verification – multi-step process to confirm the visit actually took place
Limited process to filter fraudulent lat/long signals, but not as thorough for verifying visit accuracy
  • Location Targeting – On-Premise, Neighborhood, Geo-Target
  • Audience Targeting – Location-Based Audiences, Behavioral Audiences, Custom Audiences.
  • Weather Targeting –  Target consumers against current or upcoming weather conditions.
No other location-based marketing companies can offer all of these targeting tactics.
  • Managed: Work with our team of experienced location advertising professionals to set up and run campaigns
  • Self Serve: Set up and run your own campaigns
  • Programmatic: Run PMPs or work with GroundTruth external partners to run campaigns through DSPs
Managed or Programmatic. Most geofencing marketing companies do not have a robust self-serve platform.
Pay for Performance
  • CPM
  • Cost Per Visit: First to market to allow clients to pay only when a store visit occurs. Only location provider to allow CPV for self-serve users.
Most geofencing companies only offer campaigns on a CPM basis.
Creative Services
  • Upload Custom Creatives
  • Creative Repository
  • Dynamic Distance Overlay
  • Dynamic Weather Creatives
Most geofencing companies can host 3rd party dynamic creatives, but not built within their platform
Minimum Spend None Yes

Real World Attribution

Reporting 101
Measure in-store visits from ad spend and analyze campaign results in real time using robust Ads Manager reports:
  • Summary Report
  • Store Visit Report
  • Incremental Visit Report
  • Time of Day/ Day of Week Visit Report
  • Audience Insights Report
  • Reporting by Product
  • Video Quartile Reporting

Let us show you what location can do

Recent agency case study

Case Study / Comporium

How Comporium increased repeat shoppers for its supermarket client

Comporium drove 70 repeat shoppers each week to the grocery chain.

By dividing the total store revenue during a given period by the number of visitors for that same period, Comporium was able to drive an effective Cost Per Visit of $6.52 for their client.


Return on Ad Spend


“Our goal is to create solutions that will generate and convert traffic to extend our clients' reach. While we've mastered search and social advertising, location marketing is a new and compelling tool for our clients. GroundTruth's Ads Manager platform allows us to understand offline consumer behavior, activate against these insights, and deliver real-world results for our clients."

Sok Verdery,
Director of Digital Strategy, Comporium

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