2020 New Year Strategy Guide

The new year can spell trouble for businesses as consumers, reeling from the expenses of the holidays, cut back on certain habits with resolutions focused around health, finance, and how they spend their time. However, this can be a great time for your business to leverage location data in order to reach consumers with relevant messaging that connects with their changing habits.

Check out GroundTruth’s New Year Strategy Guide for a deep dive into changes in foot traffic and recommended tactics on how to reach consumers at the right moments during this resolution-heavy timeframe.

Learn about:

  • How New Year’s resolutions drive changes in visit behavior
  • Foot traffic trends to gyms, financial services, restaurants, and retail the first week of the New Year
  • Solutions to reaching the right audiences during a time of changing habits

We’re excited to share that the report is available for download via the link below.

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