2020 Holiday Strategy Guides - Strategic Planning in Changing Times: Retail, Big Box/Grocery, Restaurants and Travel

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November 11th, 2020 | MaryClaire Hitson

2020 has disrupted “business as usual” for all. From brands to retailers to consumers, we have all had to adapt, whether that be our strategy, our messaging, or our own shopping behaviors. GroundTruth has been actively observing the recent rapid changes in consumer behaviors and have optimized our tech solutions to better connect you with your key audiences on our mobile advertising platform.

While this holiday shopping season will look differently, GroundTruth can combine historical trends with recent data-driven learnings about consumer shopping patterns to help guide your targeting strategies with location-based ads on desktop, mobile and connected TV.

In this webinar, we covered these four industries: Retail, Big Box/Grocery, Restaurants, and Tourism/Travel.

What to Expect:

  • Find out about changing consumer trends of these four industries in this upcoming holiday season
  • Discover who the consumers are, and when and where they make purchases
  • Learn about strategies and solutions that reach these consumers effectively this season
  • Learn how to translate data-based observations into your marketing media plan
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