Maximize Your Ad Performance with Location Data or Visitation Patterns

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Learn How GroundTruth Ads Manager Works

Drive store visits based on the stores and places they visit

Reach people who have been to your stores or your competitors' stores, or show your ad to prospects who are in neighborhoods that are more likely to visit your stores.

Build your custom audiences

Choose between our suite of location-based audiences or build custom audiences based on past visits to your store.

Measure in-store visits - a unique way to calculate return on ad spend

See the number of store visits that resulted from your ad campaign in our analytics dashboard so you can calculate your return on ad spend.

Learn how we can help you or your customers.

Regardless of your industry, we can help you achieve your goals.

Why GroundTruth: Data Quality is Our Foundation

Ensuring data quality in the location industry requires a myriad of advanced methodologies and validation using real-world data. We’ve invested heavily in making sure our data is as accurate as possible in order to be the most efficient platform to drive users to stores and deliver intelligent campaign.


The accuracy of mobile location signals

Our patented location determination technology checks and filters lat/longs against many factors to ensure they are geo-precise.


The precision of place mapping

Our mapping technology, Blueprints, is the only proprietary technology to accurately draw brands and multi-layered POIs. By understanding whether a customer is near a location, in parking lot, or inside a store, marketers can provide more relevant messaging that influences real-world behaviors.


The ability to distinguish and verify real visits

Once we’ve verified location signals and matched them to a place, our final step is determining whether a visit has actually occurred. We look at a number of contingencies that enter into a complex equation to determine whether a visit is verified. We have a third-party visit validation rate of 93%.

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